First Kansas Bank Debit Card

Debit card, the fastest way to pay.

Take a First Kansas Bank debit card with you for easy, secure payments anywhere the Mastercard® logo is accepted. It’s like paying with a check or cash, but with the convenience of tucking plastic into your pocket!

A debit card is versatile and offers a number of banking conveniences.









Your First Kansas Bank debit card is loaded with features.

  • Your debit card is powerfulAll the features you need — flexibility, worldwide acceptance by most vendors and stores, and safety. All of the benefits of a credit card, but your purchases come directly from your checking account.
  • Your debit card is convenient. Transactions are completed in seconds. You can choose debit or credit for payments. Either way, you’ll see the transaction reflected in your checking account activity. Plus, with a debit card, you eliminate the need for exchanging cash or coins, so social interactions are quicker and cleaner, an important factor in today’s world.
  • Your debit card can withdraw cash from ATMs. Your debit card doubles as your ATM card, so you can withdraw cash, check balances, and more at any ATM. Any withdrawals or purchases you make using your PIN will be deducted from your checking account in real time.
  • Your debit card has fraud monitoring protections. MasterCard® has sophisticated fraud detection in place that can alert you if it suspects unauthorized usage of your card, taking extra steps to make your payments secure.

    If your card has been lost or stolen or you believe there’s been fraudulent activity, contact us as soon as possible:
    During normal bank hours, call 620-653-4921.
    After hours, call 888-297-3416.