First Kansas Bank is upgrading our computer system to better serve you.  These enhancements will take place during the month of October.  During the installation and conversion process, some electronic services will be interrupted until the new system is operational.  We are making every effort to minimize the time period electronic services will be offline. Below are explanations of services that will be impacted. 


21_icon_46x46If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our locations.  




Your account number will remain the same. If your account receives interest, it will be credited any accrued interest on October 20th. You will also receive a statement on this date (see below for more details). If you have items that are automatically credited or debited to or from your account on Friday, October 21st, these items will instead be posted on Thursday, October 20th for your benefit. We will monitor and waive any overdrafts this may cause.



Debit Cards

Your debit card number will remain the same. Your debit cards will function normally during the upgrade process. 



14_icon_46x46Online/Mobile Banking

Online and mobile banking will be offline starting at approximately 3pm on Thursday, October 20th.  We expect our upgraded system to be online sometime on Sunday, October 23rd.  A message will be posted on the Bank’s homepage when the system is in offline status and when it is returned to online status.  

The first time you login to our new online banking system, you will use the same username and a temporary password, which will be the last four digits of your Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number.  You can then reset your password to whatever you would like, provided it meets the password criteria.

Beginning October 24, 2016, you can download our new mobile app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Or search “First Kansas Bank Mobile” in either app store. Once downloaded, you will be able login the same way you would login to online banking.


12_icon_46x46Online Bill Pay

You will be able to schedule payments up to 3pm on October 19th. Online bill payments will be processed regularly through October 20th.  Any payments scheduled for October 21st will not be processed until October 24th.  If you have a payment that may be late because of this delay, please schedule it before October 19th.

If you use eBill in online bill pay, you will need to enroll in the upgraded system on or after October 24th.  Unfortunately, the Bank is not able to automatically do this for you.


2_icon_46x46Electronic Statements

Starting Thursday, October 20th, your prior online statements will not be available for a couple of weeks.  If you need electronic copies of statements that were generated prior to October 20th, we recommend you download them prior to October 20th.  The Bank will also be able to provide paper copies if you are unable to download your statement prior to October 20th.  Statements generated after October 20th, will be available immediately on the upgraded online system.


4_icon_46x46Account Statements

Only during October, statements will cycle as follows:

Statements that cycle on the 6th of the month, will receive your regular statement ending on October 6th and another statement on October 20th.  Your statement will return to its normal cycle date in November.

Statements that cycle on the 18th of the month, will receive your statement ending on October 20th instead.  Your statement will return to its normal cycle date in November.

Statements that cycle at month end, will receive your statement ending on October 20th and an additional statement on October 31st.  Your statement will return to its normal cycle date in November.

Statements that cycle quarterly, will cycle on October 20th and then return to your normal quarterly cycle on December 31st.